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Small and Mid-size companies have limited resources and limited capacity to resolve their own issues. If you make a bad hire or two, it can be hard to recover. We built Sobo Advisors to solve this problem for companies like yours. We help companies level up by matching issues to problem solvers that can help achieve long term success.

Chief Operating Officer

The daily administrative and operational tasks of a company are managed by the chief operating officer (COO), a senior executive. The COO, who is regarded as second in the chain of command, often reports directly to the chief executive officer (CEO).

Chief People Officer

Executive-level post that is reponsible for managing all facets of HR and focuses on creating and preserving a company culture. CPOs are in charge of expanding the workforce, creating training initiatives, and enhancing retention rates.

Chief Technology Officer

CTO is a hybrid of an executive and an IT specialist, they mostly are responsible for keeping up of technological developments and putting new software to use to advance the company’s goals.

Chief Financial Officer

The top financial position in an company is held by the chief financial officers. Based on financial and operational data and reports delivered by the finance and accounting teams, they advise the CEO and the board on a strategic direction.

Chief Marketing Officer

The general planning, development, implementation, and oversight of the overall business marketing strategy fall within the purview of CMOs. Market analysis, pricing, product marketing, marketing communications, advertising, and public relations are a few such responsibilities.

Chief Sales Officer

CSO is in charge of directing the sales organization to achieve growth and revenue goals for the company. The person in this position sits on the executive leadership team of their organization and oversees and manages the sales vice president and managers.

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